Frozen Products

Our Frozen Products

All our fish is subject to availability and demand. The pricing of our fish fluctuates on a day to day basis and we recommend that you contact us for the best available price and to check our availability.

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Our Frozen Products Price List

Peeled & Deveined PrawnsFrom £8.50
Cooked & peeled Tiger Prawns£9.00
Peeled prawnsFrom £4.50
CocklesFrom £4.50
Cockles£12.00 Per Kilo
MusselsFrom £2.00
Whelk meat From £4.50
Squid £2.90
Squid tubes £5.00
Breaded wholetail scampiFrom £3.50
Peeled scampiFrom £6.00
Whole red mullet £5.00
Red mullet fillets£9.00
Red snapper fillets£9.50
Scallop meat £15.00
Whitebait plain/coated£2.10
Whole Sardines£2.50

Please call for our full range of frozen products - 01472 340 906